I've always been pretty quick to dismiss the idea of paranormal activity. Things that go bump in the night? Well, those aren't my sorts of things. There has to be a practical explanation-- an open window, a noisy neighbor, a dripping faucet... but certainly not ghosts. There are those who do believe in an active spirit world, however, and some are right here in Grand Rapids. I was surprised to find out about all the "haunted" places in GR. WZZM 13 did some digging -- check out the video after the jump.

According to WZZM there are a growing number of reports claiming dozens, maybe even hundreds of West Michigan homes and businesses are haunted.  Some of GR's most notorious haunts ? The auditorium at Saint Cecilia Music Center, the basement at the Ritz Koney, and the  "red room"  inside the Masonic Temple.

What do you think--  Is GR popping with paranormal activity? Had any supernatural experiences at any local landmarks?

Do share. Maybe in the morning?  You know, when it's light out... Ok ok, I will admit that at the time of this post (a little after 1 am) I am a little wigged out. So I may have turned on every light in my house. So I may have just heard a weird noise. Must be the cat... wait, he's right behind me...  must be the pipes? Yeah, yeah, those old pipes...