Let's face it, as a new or expectant parent, you are dealt a lot of unexpected costs. You may have to spend more money then you think on the countless number of diapers you will speed through, to the many cans of baby formula your child will guzzle in a span of a week.

It's tough to decide where to cut the budget, especially when you have nothing to cut. It causes you to think out of the box sometimes to come up with solutions that can work for you.

So in order to fix these issues we have been doing some things to prepare ourselves for the special occasion of having a little girl come into our life, although it is still not enough. For example, you can buy a box of diapers every paycheck so you will have more than enough when your little one gets here, you can NEVER have too many diapers.

You can also find clothes for the next season when this past years clothes goes on sale, its how I found the winter jacket above for my daughter really cheap at more then half off. She will need one for sure at the end of this year, so why not get it on sale, and I doubt the style will really matter to her as it does to the other woman in my life, lol.

So many different situations are out there where you can save a couple bucks on things you will need regardless of price eventually. Coupons, registries, hand me downs (on some things), and smart shopping, can all help out when you are short on budget and have many needs. I'm still new to this, so if you know of any other ways to save on cash when you're an expectant or new parent, please share them with us.