Christmas shopping is stressful, but Rivertown Crossing Mall is trying to alleviate some of the stress.

General Growth, the company that owns Rivertown Crossing Mall has introduced a parking feature to their smartphone app to help find a parking spot.  Tap the parking icon on the app and a map will appear showing the parking lots around the mall.  The lots will change color depending on how full they become.  Lots turn red when they hit 90% capacity; yellow at 75%.  Green areas are the areas with 50% or less capacity.

There’s even a feature so that you can mark on the map where you parked, so you’ll never lose your car again. Mall security will update the map throughout the day based on patrols and observation.

Convenience is definitely a priority of the feature, but safety is also a part of it.  Mall officials say that when shoppers know where they are going, there is less of a chance of them driving around aimlessly and possibly distracted.

source: WOODTV

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