A Hepatitis A breakout in both Michigan and Kentucky has left the Indiana Health Department urging their residents to get the Hepatitis vaccine if they plan on traveling to either state.

The Department of Health released a statement saying that they have seen an increase of Hep A outbreaks since November 2017

The genotype of two of these cases matches that of ongoing outbreaks in Arizona, Kentucky, California, Michigan and Utah.

According to the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, as of April 18th there have been 815 cases and 25 deaths because of the virus. Most of the cases have been in Macomb County, which isn't a surprise since just last week it was confirmed that there was a Hepatitis A outbreak at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Warren.

If you're wondering how this is happening the biggest thing to remember is WASH YOUR HANDS!! Hepatitis A is found on people's poop and is easily transferred from one person to the next or by having contaminated food/water. The illness can last anywhere from several weeks to months. You can get more info, symptoms to watch out for and who should get vaccinated here.