Growing up, I always loved browsing through antique stores. It felt like I was surrounded by so much history which, mostly, was a complete mystery to me. I've purchased a few pieces of antique furniture in the past always with the secret hope that I may find some hidden treasure.

While that never happened to me, someone in Michigan just bough an antique vanity that came with a surprise: two, old photos that were lodged in the side of the vanity. Now, that person is hoping to find the owners of those photographs.

In the public Facebook group, Michigan History, a woman named Jessica Shanley posted two photos along with the caption,

Found these photos In a vanity I got at an antique store In Elsie, MI. Anyone who can help, I would love to get them back to their family!

Check out the photos:

Via Jessica Shanley, Facebook Group: Michigan History

Here's the vanity where Jessica found the photos:

Via Jessica Shanley, Facebook Group: Michigan History

Elsie is a small town with the latest census putting the population just above 1,000 people. You would think that if this vanity came from Elsie, someone would be able to recognize the people photographed. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

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Other Facebook users offered suggestions such as checking the back for writing, checking the records at the antique store where the vanity was purchased and so on. However, Jessica had already tried all of those avenues to no avail. Now, she's hoping that someone online may be able to help.

If you happen to recognize the vanity or the people in the pictures shown above you can find Jessica's post here. The chances of finding the original owner may be slim but, I've seen crazier things happen thanks to internet sleuths. The post already has 176 shares so, fingers crossed!

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