Someone in Spokane, Washington must have a lot of time on their hands. Who is sneaking stacking all the parks’ picnic tables into a pyramid, and why?

City workers are baffled and annoyed by the pyramids, which have popped up in several different places over the last few weeks. No one knows whether they’re just a weird prank or someone’s attempt at an artistic statement. There’s always a chance that they’re salutations from a race of friendly (obsessive-compulsive) extra-terrestrials, or perhaps a warning from restless spirits — remember that scene in ‘Poltergeist’ with the kitchen chairs?

But mostly the city’s upset because every time it happens, they have to hire a bucket truck and forklift to unstack the tables. Take a look above — do you think this is a really tedious job, or the coolest thing they’ve been asked to do all week?

Before you get excited about recreating this stunt with your friends, take a long look at the distance between the top table and the concrete below. And then imagine the indignity of having to be dragged from the wreckage of a huge pile of tables by park rangers if it turns out your calculations are a teensy bit off. And if that still doesn’t faze you… well, just imagine all the nasty chewing gum you’d end up touching over the course of the evening.

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