Pink‘s biggest hit to date has been (so far) ‘So What,’ a bitter, defiant breakup rant dedicated to her then-estranged (but now adoringly reconciled) husband Carey Hart. The cotton-handy haired starlet and new mama is trying her hand at the split song arena once more with ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss),’ which leaked late Sunday night (July 1).

The track is similar in vein not only to ‘So What,’ but to her most recent misfit anthem, ‘Raise Your Glass.’ It’s uptempo, with a soaring, shout-or-sing along chorus and a beat that will at the very least make the listener bop his or her head, if not bust a full-blown move.

The ode to a hellish relationship that’s coming to an end — or should be, if the couple could make up their minds — is pretty much bound to get stuck in your head upon the first listen. When Pink sings, “I think I’ve finally had enough / I think I maybe think too much / I think this may be it for us / Blow me one last kiss / You think I’m just a serious / I think you’re full of s— / My head is spinning / So blow me one last kiss” in the chorus, you can’t help but wonder if it reflects some of the earlier drama she had within her marriage to Hart. Regardless of the actual inspiration, it’s pretty relatable to anyone who’s been in a rollercoaster relationship — and pretty infectious for any and everyone else.

“I wrote it with Greg Kurstin and we had an incredible time,” the singer said when she announced the single two weeks ago. “I think you are going to like because I really like it and I like it enough for all of us. See ya soon.”

While the song that leaked online isn’t the final version (we’re hoping she cleans up the higher registered notes in the mid-choruses), it’s a promising preview of what’s to come from her next record. While she’s not necessarily breaking new ground with ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss),’ Pink’s still doing what she does best — and she does it better than most.

UPDATE: Listen to the full and final version of ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ here!

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