Hi, I’m Steve and I’m a new Dad who has learned a lot of things over the last several months and I want to pass along some knowledge to you!

Each week I will be giving you some new tips for first-time parents and one spectacular Dad joke!  So let's get to the tips!

  1. Today’s first Daddy Tip is another one of my famous “get a toddler to start doing chores at an early age tip”. We’ve learned that Charlotte likes to help with stuff around the house like swiffering the floor and helping pick up her toys before bed. Well, now we’ve discovered that she also loves watering house plants. Every couple of days we give her a watering can and just sit back and watch her water each of the plants. So, my tip to you is to show your little one how easy and fun it is to water the plants and then you have a little live-in gardener!
  2. The next Daddy Tip is how to get your kid to go to bed faster than normal. Usually one of the last things we do with Charlotte before bed is read her a book or two. Well, did you know that 99% of toddlers can’t read? It’s true! So, if you want to get your little one in bed quicker, just skip some of the sentences in the book. If you only read half the sentences in the book, it only takes half the time to finish the book and that means an earlier bedtime for your little one! Boom! That’s a quality tip!
  3. And the final Daddy Tip of the week is how to manipulate your company into looking after your kid while you go grab a beer and take a break. My wife had her friend visit this last weekend and we noticed something pretty cool that Charlotte was doing with her. Charlotte was showing Britt’s friend all of her toys and books. Well, we used this to our advantage and when we wanted to go get something done or just take a break, we’d bring out a new tub of her toys and plop them down right in front of them and say “Charlotte, can you show her your toys?” And just like that, we have a solid 10-15 minutes of free time while our company watches our baby!

And now it’s time for an awesome Dad Joke!

Q: Who doesn’t eat dinner on Thanksgiving?
A: A turkey because it’s always stuffed.

Listen to the entire Daddy Tips segment below: