In case you haven't noticed, Pokemon GO is a game like no other.  Within a few weeks of the game launching, tens of millions of people across the country have started playing.  Grand Rapids is no exception to this phenomenon, and you can see the effect of the game on the city in a variety of ways.

If you head out on the weekend, you'll see hundreds of people with their heads down looking at their phones and walking around downtown.  Several Pokemon GO meetups have been organized in the city as well.  A few of which saw thousands of people gather to wander around our city.

One group of players decided to catch one of these experiences on camera and turned that footage into a documentary.  Check it out!

Here is what the author of the documentary had to say about his video in the YouTube description:

Pokemon Go Grand Rapids threw a huge event for the community to get together and play the app. The turnout was crazy and we just happened to be there to capture it on camera. This video shows that Pokemon are bringing people together. Thanks to everyone who gave us their time and input on this video.