The story about the police officers who rescued a baby from an overturned car in Utah has been all over the news, but another chilling detail is starting to make its rounds.

The car was overturned in an icy Utah river after 25-year-old Lyn Groesbeck struck a cement barrier on a bridge and crashed into the river, 50 miles south of Salt Lake City.

The car fell upside down into the river and Groesbeck was sadly found dead when police discovered the car nearly 14 hours later.

When the four responding officers were approaching the overturned car, they claim to have heard a female voice calling out "Help" from inside the car. Once police reached the vehicle they discovered the only occupants were Groesbeck, and her 18-month-old daughter, Lilly Groesbeck.

Police say the 18-month-old was alive, strapped in a seat in the back of the car, which was upside down in the 40 degree water. They say there was no way she could have been the source of the female voice they heard as they approached the car.

Police say they can't explain it, but they have no doubt that they heard it.

(Source: Fox News, New York Daily News)