In a press conference held on Saturday afternoon, the Marshall Police Department and the Michigan State Police updated the public on the ongoing investigation into missing 14-year-old Hannah Marie Amaro.

Hannah, if you’re watching this we love you, we miss you and we just want you to come home.  We just want you to be safe.  Just call one of us and let us know please.  We love you.

James Schwartz from the Marshall Department of Public Safety, said that one of their biggest concerns as of right now is that any calls going to Hannah's phone are going directly to voicemail. According to her parents and officials, this is HIGHLY unusual behavior for the teen who is usually on her phone constantly be it for texting, calling, or social media.

A spokesman for the Michigan State Police stated that they are waiting for more tips to come in, and that many have come in thus far both locally and out of state.

Hannah's mother, Amy Ellis, spoke tearfully, urging her daughter to contact her parents, friends, or police if she is able. "Hannah, if you’re watching this we love you, we miss you and we just want you to come home. We just want you to be safe. Just call one of us and let us know please. We love you." She described her daughter as "full of life", "a happy girl", and stated that she loves spending time with her friends. Her father, Carlos, was also in attendance, but found it too difficult to speak.

Hannah's family says the last time she was seen was around 10 a.m. on Saturday when her family members left the house to do various tasks. The family believed she was staying with a friend on Saturday night, so they thought nothing of the girl's absence when they returned home.

A representative from the Marshall Police Department also explained that they family believed they had to wait for a certain period of time before they could report the teen as missing. He then urged people to report missing people to the authorities right away.

The Michigan State Police say that they investigation into Hannah' disappearance went into full swing around 1 p.m. on Tuesday.

Police expect to update with more information again around 6 p.m. on Tuesday.

Hannah Marie Amora is described as a white female, 130 lbs., 5’3″, with hazel eyes and brown hair with red and blue streaks in it. Her right nostril is pierced and she has a scar above her right eye.

Anyone with information as to her whereabouts is urged to contact the Calhoun County Central Dispatch at (269)781-0912.