There are a lot of brands that we encounter in our everyday lives but have you noticed that some people pronounce certain brands/words differently?

For example, it seems as if everyone is pronouncing the favorite chocolatey-hazelnut spread, Nutella as either 'New-tell-uh' or 'Nuh-tell-uh.' Which is it?! I'm guilty of using the latter but it's actually the first pronunciation.

The Daily Mail listed 30 popular brands that people often mispronounce. From fashion designers, to cars, and food... we're saying a lot of things wrong!

Some other common mis-pronunciations (and the actual way to say it) include:

  • Porsche - POR-SHA
  • Del Monte - DEL-MON-TAY
  • Hyudndai - HUN-DAY
  • Jean Paul Gaultier - ZHON PAUL GO-TEE-AY

To see the full list of brands you can see the charts here.

On another note, what word(s) do you often have trouble mispronouncing? I can't say Worcestershire for the life of me.