Obama is sexy and he knows it.

Some creative folks have put together a video of President Barack Obama singing LMFAO‘s ‘Sexy and I Know It.’ Words from the Leader of the Free World’s various speeches and public addresses have been fused together to mimic the lyrics of the song. It’s fast cut and hilarious. We’re surprised these industrious individuals could find a sound clip of Obama saying the word “sexy.” It was no doubt an arduous task to locate all these verbalizations.

So if you were expecting to see Obama start wiggling it Red Foo or Sky Blu in a pair of leopard or zebra-print Speedos, you will be disappointed.

The video did, however, inspire us to wonder what LMFAO-style nickname would be suitable for the president. Red O? Barry Blu? The possibilities are endless, and we started thinking of it because of this fun and silly video.

If you are having a bad day, watch it twice. Make that three times. It’s amazing what people can do with some time on their hands and some crafty digital skills.

Watch President Obama Sing ‘Sexy and I Know It’

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