R.I.P. LMFAO — Funny Videos to Remember Them By
Oh NO! What are we going to do!?! LMFAO has announced that they are going on a "hiatus" (yeah, that's what our parents said too), which means somebody else will have to step up to fill the void left behind at grocery stores that play inappropriately upbeat music. Let us remember these party monsters as they would have wanted -- by watching the comical videos they've inspired.
LMFAO Split… For Now
There will be no party rocking with LMFAO anytime soon. The uncle-nephew duo of Redfoo and SkyBlu are splitting... for now. They are taking a break from all that party rocking on order to pursue other interests.
‘I’m Farming And I Grow It’ – Hilarious LMFAO Cover [Video]
Being from a small, farming community originally, I tend to have a soft spot in my heart for the men and women who work on, own, and maintain farms. I have a new soft spot in my heart for these three guys, known on YouTube as ThePetersonFarmBros. Not only do they work on and maintain a farm, but they did a parody of LMFAO's "Sexy And I Know It" called "I'm Farming And I Grow It"
Grand Rapids Mom’s “Pregnant & I Know It” Video Goes Viral [Video]
I'm sure that when LMFAO wrote the song "Sexy And I Know It", they weren't expecting for a pregnant woman to become a Internet star by doing a parody, but it's happened. Tommee Profitt, filmed the video and Angela Profitt stars in the YouTube video titled "Pregnant And I Know It", and as of writing this, it's already had over 332,000 views!

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