LMFAO's "Sexy & I Know It" has inspired a lot of spoofs since it came out, but this one is my new favorite. This father of five (a set of triplets and two older boys) shows us a little bit of what is life is like with his crazy brood in his spoof "I'm A Daddy & I Know It". Check it out after the jump!

From tripping on toys to trips to the grocery store, this dad definitely has his hands full with five children. The kids are my favorite part of the video, though. I mean, dad's great, but their faces when they do the "Ahhhh!" part is just too cute.

In the notes on YouTube, Mom says,

Here's our silly video creating fun family memories. It made an AWESOME white elephant gift for our families. Created and directed by Mommy:)

I'm guessing that's a pretty fun household to live in.

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