LMFAO may be on hiatus, but nothing will stop Redfoo from party rocking. The afro-loving frontman has dropped a new electropop song called 'Bring Out the Bottles' in which he promises to keep the bubbly flowing.

Redfoo, 37, shows no signs of maturing on the track, which is great news for those who couldn't get enough of celebratory LMFAO hits like 'Party Rock Anthem' and 'Champagne Showers.' 'Bring Out the Bottles' is not at all a departure from those songs, although its electro swirls give it more of a European-influenced dance sound.

An Auto-Tuned Redfoo sings the verses and provides his own rap breakdown. "I'm rolling in the club with my hands up high tonight / On the dance floor, the girlies is lookin' fly," he sings. "Yeah, it's gon' be poppin' tonight / Yeah, the champagne's poppin' tonight." 'Bring Out the Bottles' is already available on iTunes.

In September, LMFAO declared they would be going their separate ways, though they insist the split is not permanent. This is not the first time Redfoo has branched out on his own without SkyBlu. Already this year, Foo has been featured on the Flo Rida track 'Run' and the collaboration between Justin Bieber and the Far East Movement, 'Live My Life.'

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