This past weekend, I took a trip to Chicago.

After an amazing trip, as I was driving back from the Windy City, I was attacked by nature!

Irina Igumnova

While I was on the 196, a chunk of snow came off the top of the vehicle in front of me so I had to swerve out of the way.

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Luckily, there wasn't a car in the other lane or that would've made everything worse.

However, after that near accident and my yelling subsided, I wondered whether that person should get in trouble.


If you're the type of person who doesn't clear off their car, this is for you.

Is it illegal to not clear off snow from your car in Michigan?


Michigan is one of the twelve states that will and can ticket you for not clearing your car off completely. It is considered distracted driving since you are a danger to everyone else on the road.


According to, in addition to cleaning the snow off of your front and back windshields, all Michigan drivers are required to get rid of snow and ice on their headlights and taillights.

Michigan Vehicle Code also says it is illegal to

"remove, or cause to be removed, snow, ice, or slush onto or across a roadway or the shoulder of the roadway in a manner which obstructs the safety vision of the driver of a motor vehicle other than off-road vehicles."

What happens if you are caught after snow flies off your car?


According to the 36th District Court, you can get a $175 ticket for impeding traffic, interfering with moving traffic is $130. Lastly, if you are driving with an obstructed view, it will cost you a $120 ticket.

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