Are your rugrats going a little bit nuts after being stuck inside for so long?  Steve's got a few tips that might just help quarantine go a little better!  Or...  A whole lot worse.

  1. Today’s first Daddy Tip is for anyone who has started potty training but hasn't really had the time to constantly be doing it because of work. Now is the perfect time to take it to the next level! If you have pull ups or little kid underwear, make sure they are wearing it during the day and you are constantly asking them if they need to use the potty and then making them feel great about going. Hopefully now is the time we can ditch the diapers with Charlotte!
  2. The next Daddy Tip is for anyone who has a toddler who needs to get outside but you don’t have any playground equipment for them to play on in your yard. Make yard work a game! We spent a whole afternoon this last weekend having Charlotte pick up sticks and rake leaves that were left over from the fall. She just loved being outdoors and helping Mom and Dad so it’s a great way to get some work done and have your little ones expend some energy.
  3. And the final Daddy Tip of the week is something I think some parents might straight up not agree with but with the current quarantine cabin fever across the nation, I think it’s perfectly fine to give in to your toddlers demands from time to time. These kids don’t understand what’s going on and if your toddlers are anything like Charlotte, then they are starting to go a little nuts. Give them an extra hour of screen time if they want it, give them that extra cookie if they’ve eaten healthy the rest of the day, or even let them stay up an extra hour or two.

And now it’s time for an awesome Dad Joke!

I ordered a chicken and an egg online...
I’ll let you know.

Listen to the entire segment below:

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