We here at Connie and Curtis LOVE Buzzfeed quizzes!  This latest quiz claims that it can guess your age based on your alcohol preferences.  Since Connie and Curtis are on vacation, I am the only one that was able to take the quiz (I, being Steve).  The results of the quiz were somewhat close to my actual age, but I have always thought of my preference in alcohol to be a little bit more sophisticated than most.  Or, that's at least what the beer snob in me thinks.  Here were my results for the quiz:

You Got: You are 37!
Your taste in alcohol has gotten a lot more refined since you were younger, and you like to savour your drinks a lot more. And, really, you NEED to savour them, because your hangovers now are just brutal. How do those youngsters do it?

All of that is pretty much true!  I never really liked light beer and much prefer to slowly drink a stout for it's flavor rather than drink a bunch of light beer just to catch a buzz.  Plus, hangovers are just brutal nowadays, so I drink much less than I did in college (but doesn't everyone?)

So now you need to take the quiz and tell us if Buzzfeed correctly guessed your age!  Let us know your results in the comments!