For Today's Daddy Tips, Steve takes a dig at Christine for messing with his daughter's toy, he also lets you know something you should buy for your toddler now that it is spring, and he gives you a way you can manipulate your kid into eating more fruit.

Today’s first Daddy Tip is a reminder to pick up rain boots for your toddlers because it is the perfect weather for splashing around in puddles. With all of the snow melted, there are puddles everywhere and for some unknown reason, kids, and even some adults, are magically drawn to jumping in puddles. So make sure you have the appropriate puddle jumping attire for some wet and muddy spring fun.

The next Daddy Tip is to call healthy food candy so your kid is actually asking for some fruit or vegetables when they say they want candy. Over the past couple of months I have been referring to healthy foods as candy so now when Charlotte asks for candy I can give her fruit and she thinks she scored big. And it’s not actually tricking your kid either because fruit and vegetables are nature’s candy anyway.

And the final Daddy tip of the week is to always hide your kid’s Mr. Potato Head if your friend is checking in on your dog while you are out of town. In case you didn’t hear, Christine looked after my dog over the weekend while we visited my parents and she had the audacity to take Charlotte’s Mr. Potato Head and rearrange his face parts. Once Charlotte saw it she was very confused and didn’t like it one bit. So, be sure to hide your Potato Heads because you can never trust the dog sitter.

And now it’s time for an awesome Dad Joke!

Q: How do you get a farm girl to like you?
A: A tractor

Listen to the entire segment below.

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