Be extra kind! This week (2/14-2/20) is Random Acts of Kindness Week which means doing something nice for someone, randomly... when someone least expects it.

Skout Blog surveyed more than 2,700 people on this topic and found that 65% of people perform random acts of kindness everyday while 83% of us at least once a week! Are you a part of that group?

The majority of people do something nice because it makes them feel good while a greedy 1% hoping they will gain something monetarily.

If you think it's weird to do something kind for a stranger, think again. 62% of people appreciate random acts of kindness from someone they don't know.

If you're feeling extra kind this week, these are the most meaningful random acts of kindness:

  1. Leaving your waiter a big tip
  2. Paying for the person behind you when you're getting coffee.
  3. Hugging a friend when they don't expect it.
  4. Taking flowers to a random person at a nursing home.
  5. Giving a gift to a random person who seems like they need it.
  6. Write a nice message on a sticky note & put it somewhere
  7. Empty spare change into charity box
  8. Send a text to a friend thanking them for being a friend
  9. Hold a door open for someone
  10. Borrow a friend's car and fill it up with gas before returning it.

What random act of kindness did you do or someone do for you?