Remember Corey Feldman? You know, one of the Coreys from all of those movies that we loved back in the 90's who really hasn't done much of anything since? (Other than go to rehab and stuff. He's done a lot of that.) Well, apparently he's a musician now, and he just released his latest video. And it's... well... it's a video. 

His latest song is called "Ascension Millennium", and it's pretty hard for you to forget the title since it's repeated about 11 zillion times in the song. The video features a day in the live of Corey at his "Feldmansion" (serioulsly?), and includes him being followed around by two rather well endowed women who are referred to as "Corey's Angels". Other highlights include: Corey dressing like Michael Jackson, an appearance from "Goonies" co-star Sean Astin, and a dance montage. For real. After you finish watching this video, you'll probably ask yourself "what did I just watch?" And then be sad for a couple of hours without being able to figure out why.