This woman has some serious dessert anger issues.

A couple of months ago a woman was accused of drop-kicking a cake at a Kroger store in Bloomfield Hills, but this apparently wasn't her first run-in.

A woman is now being accused of assaulting an ice cream employee a year ago.

The incident happened in July of 2015 when she went to Ray's Ice Cream in Royal Oak. She asked for her favorite flavor, Mackinac Island Fudge, unfortunately they were all out. However, instead of ordering a different flavor or just leaving the shop like a normal person would, the woman became angry and belligerent with employees.

The workers said that she insisted they were lying to her and were instead hiding the ice cream flavor from her. And it kept escalating from there.

The woman reached over the counter and hit a female employee on the head, which was all caught on security cameras.

So why a year later? Because at the time workers didn't know who she was and had no way of identifying her. That is until her picture surfaced because of the cake incident. After recognizing her, the female employee called police and filed a civil lawsuit.

Her attorney says that she plans on turning herself in this week. She could face assault charges.

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