Rihanna is a goddess. We all wish to be her friend (well at least I do lol) but that doesn't mean you have to make up stories pretending to be friends with her, let alone dating her.

NBA player for the Memphis Grizzlies (ex-LA Clipper), Matt Barnes told TMZ Sports that he and Rihanna were friends and "we'll see where it goes" implying that there's something going on between them. He even said it's "passed the crush stage." Now usually this wouldn't be a big deal but the dude is totally lying!! & Rihanna had no problem calling him out for it.

She took to her instagram with a snapshot of Barnes from the video and in a series of hashtags let him have it. 

Hahahhaa my favorite is #defamationofcharacter.

How you feelin now Mr. Barnes?

Harry How/Getty Images

I can't help but wonder though, did anyone ever think they were dating you (in their mind)? How do you handle a situation like that?