We all suffer from some type of road rage, whether it be because of slow traffic, an idiot driver or driving long distance which can take a toll on you.

A new type of car seat may have the answer to our problems. CNBC reports that an automotive parts manufacturer, Faurecia, has developed the Active Wellness. It's the world's first seat that monitors the emotions of drivers.The seat has built-in sensors that detects when someone is stressed out or fatigued. In response, the seat will then massage you and give you a warming sensation to calm you down. If tired you will get a cooling sensation to wake you up.

According to the manufacturer's website it:

...provides a very specific massage pattern, along with air flow through the seat’s ventilation system, either to re-energize a tired occupant or to relax a stressed individual, making life on board a more healthy experience.

Don't get too excited though, this advanced technology isn't expected to hit roads until 2018 and will be tested out on premium vehicles before expanding.

What do you think of this? Good or bad idea?

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