Road Rage

GVSU Students Report Gun Pulled During Road Rage Incident
Police are searching for a suspect who allegedly pointed a gun at two students following a traffic incident on Grand Valley University's campus Tuesday, April 2. MLive reports the students told Grand Valley Police they were being followed by a man in another vehicle around 4p...
Who’s Wrong In This Parking Situation?
OK, let’s get real for a second. I came across a Facebook friend’s post who was complaining because she wasn’t sure how to get into her car because of how the other car parked next to her. I had to recreate this post and the pictures, because we have “company rules” that save us from getting sued… so I’m going to have to “Rescue 911” recreate (still all the truth, just none of the real) this madne
Road Rage? This Massaging Car Seat Will Help You Out
We all suffer from some type of road rage, whether it be because of slow traffic, an idiot driver or driving long distance which can take a toll on you. A new type of car seat may have the answer to our problems. CNBC reports that an automotive parts manufacturer, Faurecia, has developed the Active Wellness...

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