We're all familiar with the B.A.C. test that is conducted when someone gets pulled over for drunk driving. The same idea is a step closer to being applied for drug use.

MLive reports that the Senate and House have both approved a bill which would allow roadside testing for drugs. The bill is now headed to Governor Snyder's desk for approval.

The program would run as a pilot with the Michigan State Police in five counties. The saliva drug test would detect if there's any marijuana, heroin, cocaine, etc in someone's system.

The bill, which would be named "Barbara J. and Thomas J. Swift Law," comes after the couple was hit and killed by a tractor-trailer in 2013 in Escanaba. The man driving the trailer had tested positive for THC.

Under the proposed pilot program, an officer certified as a drug recognition expert armed with a swab-based drug detection kit could be called to a traffic stop to administer the roadside test."

It is unknown at this time which five counties will be a part of the pilot program. According to The Detroit News, the program would cost around $30,000.

Do you think this bill is a good idea?