Okay... I know I've said this before but I REALLY need to buy a lotto ticket. In the last two months three people from Grand Rapids have all won a bunch of money playing the Michigan lottery and now another West Michigander just became a millionaire!

The Michigan Lottery spoke with Dawn Force of Rockford who says that every morning before she heads to work she stops at the Citgo gas station on E. Division in Rockford to grab a pop and a lotto ticket. The last time was life-changing.

When I got to work that morning, I scratched the ticket in the parking lot. I couldn’t stop shaking when I revealed the ‘4MIL’ symbol.

That's right. She won $4 million playing "Worth Millions." Dawn drove right back to the gas station to see if it scanned.

What would be the first thing you do after you realize you just won millions of dollars? Dawn went to work as usual at a job she has no intention on quitting.

...because I love what I do!

That's the point isn't it? :-)

Lottery officials say the Rockford resident took the one-time lump-sum of $2.5 million, and with it, is going to pay off her bills and help family. She said in a statement that the money came at a time after a difficult few years.

Michigan Lottery Connect
Michigan Lottery Connect

Worth Millions is a $30 lotto ticket where players can win anywhere from $30 to $4 million. One more grand prize is still out there waiting to be won. Overall, more than $7 million in prizes remain with this particular game.

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