Hollywood actor, Russell Crowe, was in Detroit on Friday hanging out and enjoying the city.  How do we know?  He took his Twitter followers on a quick tour and included the tweet:

"Things are looking up in the Motor City,"

along with a picture of the outside of the Shinola Hotel on Woodward Ave.

His other stops all had "Where am I now?” as a caption, but between just general knowledge and comments, we know his other stops along the “Motor City” tour was inside Third Man Records in the Cass Corridor and an overpass close to Grand Boulevard.

There’s no real reason stated as to why he was in Detroit on Friday, other than it’s a free country and even celebrities like to sightsee.  His previous tweets show he's also a fan of Shinola.

Russell Crowe is set to play former FOX News CEO and Chairman Roger Ailes in Showtime’s upcoming “The Loudest Voice”, which if you look at his Twitter account, you'll see it takes over 2 hours in make-up for the transformation.

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