Even though the phrase "Hey, girl" often brings to mind images of a smoldering Ryan Gosling, it's important to know that he never actually said that in any of his movies. In spite of that, it seems that modern society has run with the Ryan/"Hey, girl" concept, prompting Russell Crowe to hold an intervention for Gosling in this hilarious video.

Titled "Couples Therapy", the video centers around Russell Crowe's concern for all of the "Hey, girl" merchandise and fanaticism for Gosling. Upon addressing this issue with Gosling, the actor explains that none of that was created by him, he doesn't earn any money from it, and he's never actually said "Hey, girl" in any of his movies.

With this video as part of a promotional campaign for their new film "The Nice Guys," Crowe and Gosling certainly appear to work well on-screen. You check it all out in the video below.

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