It's going to be hot (and spicy) in Holland this weekend.  Amateur and professional cooks will gather in Holland to compete and determine who has the best salsa in West Michigan.

There will also be a jalapeno eating contest for those who think pain is fun.

Hot is good, but there is more to the Salsa Showdown than just hot peppers.  There will be 4 categories of salsa represented at the Holland Farmers Market this Saturday:  mild, hot, inferno, and fruit.  From 11:00am - 1:00pm, $3 gives visitors a chance to sample salsa with unlimited chips, plus 1 vote for the People's Choice Award.

I love making and eating salsa.  But a jalapeno eating contest?  I just don't understand.

Here's my favorite rule of the jalapeno eating contest:

You cannot coat the inside of your mouth with any kind of protective coating. Anyone caught doing so will be disqualified.

Homer Simpson drank candle wax before a chili eating competition once.  I guess he ruined it for everyone.

If you'd like to watch a bunch of sweating people in varying degrees of pain, the jalapeno eating contest begins at noon on Saturday.

Here's more info on the Salsa Showdown and jalapeno eating contest.