It was another emotional tribute this year for the 'In Memoriam' Emmys segment. It seemed to be harder to get through without sobbing this year, largely due to the recent passing of Robin Williams.

For this year's tribute, Sara Bareilles sang 'Smile' and gave a moving and somber performance as photos of those we have lost in the past year flashed across screen behind her, including Paul Walker, James Garner and Peter O'Toole. Robin Williams' face flashed last, and then Billy Crystal took to the stage for one of the most moving tributes in Emmys' history.

Crystal told stories from the many years that he and Williams were friends.

“He was the greatest friend you could ever imagine,” Crystal said. “It’s very hard to talk about him in the past because he was so present in all of our lives.”

The last line of his speech, though, was the one that struck a chord with not only me, but seemingly everyone who was tweeting the Emmys.

"Robin Williams. What a concept," he said, as the screen faded to black. We were then treated to a montage of video highlights from Williams' nearly fourty-year-long career.

What a concept, indeed.