A new phone scam making the rounds in West Michigan is hurting more than just the people being called. A local business is also being tied to the scam.

"We've gotten several phone calls from people stating that we had just called their house," Shawn Howland, a manager at Lentz USA Automotive at 1227 Leonard Street NW in Grand Rapids, told WZZM-13.

The thing is that no one at the shop has been placing those calls.

The shop's phone number has been showing up people's caller IDs. And someone on the other end of the line has been requesting person information, including bank account numbers.

Lentz USA Automotive is not going to call you at home unless you've asked the Grand Rapids business to do so. Scammers are making these calls, trying to con people out of their personal information.

WZZM-13 spoke to Chris Boden, a tech expert with The Geek Group. He told them that local numbers may make the scam look a little more legitimate. But mimicking local numbers isn't difficult to do.