Just over a year after announcing the closing of their Downtown Grand Rapids location, Schuler Books announced today that they will be closing a second Grand Rapids location.

The Schuler Books located on Alpine Ave. will officially close its doors in April.

The store, which has been a part of Alpine Ave. for nearly 10 years, was up for lease renewal this year, and the owners of Schuler's, Bill and Cecile Fehsenfeld, have decided not to resign the lease for the Alpine location.

When Schuler's downtown location closed, many of the employees were absorbed into the two remaining stores (Alpine Ave. and 28th St.). Unfortunately this time, that won't be possible, and it looks like only a hand full of employees will be reassigned to a different store (the only remaining GR store will be on 28th St.)

The Alpine location will hold a store-closing sale starting February 14 with 25% off all books and 50% off gifts.