If you've been missing "True Blood" as much as Amanda and I have, then you'll be happy to see that one of the show's stars - Alexander Skarsgard - has been hard at work preparing for the new season. He's also been busy going on treks to the South Pole.

Most importantly, he's been busy being nude at the South Pole. And, thanks to Instagram, we have a photo of it.

What's he doing?

Oh, just a little light reading while hanging out on a toilet. How is it possible that he even makes that look sexy?

Turns out that our favorite viking was at the South Pole leading a team of wounded ex-servicemen and women on a month-long, 200-mile hike to the earth's southern extremity to raise awareness for the Prince Harry's "Walking with the Wounded" Challenge.

Here's the photo! (Don't worry, it's not really NSFW - all of Skarsgard's naughty bits are hidden from view.)

Inge Solheim, Skarsgard's team guide on the Challenge snapped the photo and posted it to his Instagram account. And we're so glad he did.