After Sunday's season finale of "True Blood", there was an uproar across all of social media. Did they kill everyone's favorite viking? What is "True Blood" without Alexander Skarsgard? Will it even be worth watching?!? After seeing a nude (I'll comment more on that in a minute) Eric Northman burst into flames, he was surely dead, right? Turns out, not so much.

According to, Skarsgard will still be a key character in season 7 of "True Blood". They spoke to showrunner Brian Buckner, and asked the question on everyone's mind, "Alexander Skarsgard — will he be back for Season 7?". Buckner's answer was short and simple,
I can tell you that Alexander Skarsgard is going to be a part of the next season of  "True Blood". He will be a series regular.

Upon reading that, thousands of "True Blood" fans let out a collective sigh of relief.It really will all be okay!

Now, let's just hope that we get some more nude Eric scenes. I mean, how many times were we subjected to the weird naked, blood-covered Lilith follower Zombie chicks this season? We deserve more than 2 seconds of viking (soft core) porn.