I like "True Blood". Don't judge me. I read all of the books long before I started watching the show and kind of fell in love with the characters. To be honest, I initially didn't like Eric. I didn't like him in the books, and I most certainly didn't like him in the show. But, he grew on me. And really, when the character is played by someone as smoking hot as Alexander Skarsgårdit's hard not to love him. 

It's for that reason, and many more that Alexander is my Hunk Of The Week.

I mean, just look at him. He's hot no matter what he's doing. He's hot while just standing around wearing this gray suit.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

He's hot while interacting with his tiny co-star from the movie "What Masie Knew":

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

He was hot when he showed us (and Jimmy Fallon) his leg tattoo on national television:

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

He was hot when he was doing whatever photo shoot this picture is from:

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

He's hot when taking selfies with fans:

Peter Bregg/Getty Images

Most importantly, and I don't say this very often, he even looks hot with a beard!

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

If Eric isn't your favorite "True Blood" hottie, don't you worry. I'll be featuring more of the men of "True Blood" in the coming weeks!