I'm not sure why all of a sudden we are in a craze of sending people random things in the mail. You can send glitter to someone you dislike (I'm actually still considering this one), you can have poop delivered at someone's doorstep, and now you can even have a message delivered to someone on a potato with PotatoParcel.com. Apparently the guy who started this business is making $10,000 a month! YES, A MONTH... MAILING POTATOES!

I get it, who doesn't love potatoes? But why a potato when you can get a pickle? Hail The Pickle Wizard! For only $5.99 you can send a pickle slice to someone in the mail with a handwritten mysterious note from the Pickle Wizard himself. You never know what kind of message will be enclosed. But here's my favorite that went viral on Reddit:

What do you get when you cross a deer and a pickle?


Pure genius! Personally, if I received a pickle in the mail I'd be overjoyed (and confused) but overall I'd be flattered. I love pickles. The only downside, though, it's just one pickle slice, which is not enough to satisfy me...or a pregnant woman.

If you would like to send a pickle yourself click here and follow the easy steps.

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