Here's a big surprise. (sarcasm)  A lot of people hate their boss.

A new study done by DDI (Development Dimensions International) shows that 33% of employees don't consider their boss to be doing an effective job. Nearly 50% of people think they could do a better job than their boss.

A lot of this frustration comes because bosses don't want to listen to employees concerns or suggestions.  The results showed that only 54% of managers involve their employees in making decisions that will directly affect them.

Basic courtesy, respect and tact are also lacking.

Other findings:

  • 60% say their boss has damaged their self-esteem
  • 32% say the boss doesn't stay calm and constructive when talking about problems
  • 40% have left a job because of a crappy boss

You can read the entire report HERE.

I've learned from and worked for some very good people.  They taught me lessons as an employee that I have carried forward with my staff.

  • As a  manager, I try to live by the golden rule.
  • Unless it will severely compromise what you hear on the radio, I encourage my staff to get out of the office and attend their kids' school functions. This also applies to things like sick kids, pet emergencies, car problems, etc.
  • I understand the "ebb and flow" of life; some weeks you'll be more productive and engaged than others.  There are some days I don't feel like working, either!
  • I believe in "flex-time."  I don't really care when people are here or how much they work, so long as they're here when they need to be (meetings, on-air shows) and so long as all the work gets done.
  • I know that sometimes, despite good intentions, "life gets in the way" and you just can't get everything done that you really want to.

I'm far from perfect.  There are at least four people in this building who think I'm a pain in the ass because I am very direct and expect things to be done a certain way, but for the most part I think I'm pretty good to work for.  I've even gone as far as suggesting potential employers call my employees to see what I'm like to work for.

What's your boss like?  Any "horrible boss" stories you'd like to share?

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