Smiling and laughing are the best stress relievers ever, and so it goes to follow that a music video filled with local smiles could make you smile more.

A group described as a "family band" put out a search this week on Reddit, looking local people to send them videos of you smiling and laughing.

The band is working on a new music video and wants to include you smiling and enjoying life.

They describe the song on the Grand Rapids sub-reddit as...

...a quiet little acoustic number, heartfelt, written during the quarantine. It is hopeful but perhaps a bit melancholy. It’s really about knowing our own selves, and hope for us all.

We want to fill this video with smiling faces. Laughter and smiles. So we are asking people in the west Michigan area to send us video clips of them smiling. If you can keep the clip down to around fifteen seconds it would be great - we will probably take the best three to five seconds from there.

We are hoping this could be a cool, positive, unifying, community project and video.

Send your smiles to

Nothing wrong with asking people to smile and laugh. Go ahead, give it a go!

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