Snoop Dogg, or wait, is it Snoop Lion still?   Anyway, he was in Detroit this week and mentioned that if Michigan votes to legalize recreational marijuana use, he may bring his shop, Leafs by Snoop to Michigan, according to WZZM 13.

Snoop was in Detroit promoting his new play “Redemption of a Dogg” and his new gospel music. His play will be at the Detroit Music Hall at the end of this month, from the 25th – 27th.

WZZM 13 says Snoop sat down with WXYZ and talked about if Prop 1 gets passed and things look right for business, Snoop could bring his shop to Detroit.  He may bring it to more than just Detroit, but he was there, so he HAD to say Detroit. You know, so he didn’t hurt their feelings.

His actual quote from WZZM is,

"If it fits the bill, then it will be here in the D," he told WXYZ.


If you want to see the Snoops play, click here and get the info and tickets.

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