I love how during the Coronavirus Pandemic, people around the world have gotten so creative with solutions to the problems related to the illness.

Everywhere you hear about “social distancing” and keeping at least 6 feet away from each other.

A Romainian shoe maker has come up with a solution….Grigore Lup -- a Transylvanian cobbler who has been making shoes for 39 years -- has developed long-nosed size 75 shoes.

When two people are wearing their shoes, and are toe-to-toe, there will be about 5 feet between them.

Each pair of shoes uses about a square yard of leather. The shoes can be ordered with either rubber or leather soles. The shoes take him a couple of days to make. Lup is charging 500 Romanian Leu – or about $118 per pair, larger sizes are extra.

Prior to the Coronavirus, Lup made custom footwear for theaters and opera houses, but those orders stopped coming in when many live performances were canceled worldwide.

Here is a video about the shoes…

Here is his Lup's website. (good luck trying to read it -- I suggest using the "translate" button on your browser!)

There is part of me that really wants to order a pair of these! I might not really wear them in public, but they would be a conversation starter if people came over to your house and saw them sitting around. If I ever put together a "Coronavirus Time Capsule" I should surely include a pair of these!

I can’t even imagine how you walk up stairs wearing those things!

Maybe Bozo the Clown was onto something many years ago when he wore his size 47EEE shoes!


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