Social Distancing Shoes are Available
Everywhere you hear about “social distancing” and keeping at least 6 feet away from each other. A Romainian shoe maker has come up with a solution….Grigore Lup -- a Transylvanian cobbler who has been making shoes for 39 years -- has developed long-nosed size 75 shoes.
Shoe Recall @ Meijer
Skidders Footwear is recalling about 5,500 of their children's tennis shoe that's sold only at Meijer stores.
According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the rivets on the inside of the shoe have sharp edges which could cause a laceration hazard...
Christine's Shoe Problem
I'm not kidding. I really do have a shoe problem.
Is there something(s) that you can't help but buy? No matter how hard you try and resist you can't? Shoes is that thing for me. As much as I love shopping in general, there's something different about buying a new pair of shoes...
Woman Stabs a Guy in the Eye with her Stiletto Heel
Whoever said a shoe wasn't a lethal weapon was lying.
A woman in the U.K. has somehow avoided jail time after stabbing a man in the eye with her stiletto shoe. According to the New York Daily News, the incident occurred in October of 2014 when a man approached a woman and her friend...
Barbie [Finally] Got Flat Shoes!
After 56 years of wearing heels, Barbie® finally got new shoes! I hate wearing heels for an evening, I couldn't imagine wearing them for 56 years, all day every day. So it's only time that Barbie kicks off those heels and finally trade the stilettos for some comfy flats...
The Chuck II
Shoe-brand Converse announced the other day that after almost a hundred years they are revamping the famous Chuck Taylor's and calling them "The Converse Chuck II."
The originals were debuted in 1917 and these new ones will hit shelves Tuesday, July 28...
Hi, I’m Christine!
So the other day Wendy interviewed me and asked me questions that some people from around the staff wanted to know. The video (posted below) is kind of blurry but you get the point. Something I realized after watching this video is I need better eye contact with the camera LOL -- don't be too h…
Internet Gold: Vol. 13
Shoes and Jewelry!  Why haven't I touched on the subjects before with Internet Gold?  Easy answer - I don't usually shop for shoes and jewelry.  Anyway, getting past the obvious, I found a few great websites that should definitely be bookmarked if you are a shoe/je…
What Your Shoes Say To Your Date!
Actress Reese Witherspoon set us all straight, if you will, about guys and their lack of interest in the shoes us girls wear in the movie Legally Blonde.
However, I have new scoop that suggests that guys do check us out from head to toe!