After 56 years of wearing heels, Barbie® finally got new shoes! I hate wearing heels for an evening, I couldn't imagine wearing them for 56 years, all day every day. So it's only time that Barbie kicks off those heels and finally trade the stilettos for some comfy flats.

According to the Daily Mail the toy company, Mattel, made the announcement in June but for some reason I just came across the article. You may be wondering how that's possible when she's clearly made with an arch. Well, this new Barbie will have adjustable ankles, so she can switch up her shoes. Not only will new Barbie come with adjustable ankles but she will be available in 8 skin tones, 14 facial sculpts, 23 hair colors and 18 different eye colors. This is all a part of their new Fashionista line.

Also, new clothes and shoes ranging in different styles have also been revealed. I must say Barbie is looking stylish in her with her up-to-date wardrobe. I wish I had that much fashion sense. If I was still buying Barbie's I would get the one with sneakers, it's only right considering the obsession I have with my kicks :)

You can view and shop the new looks on Barbie's official Instagram page.

In my opinion, this is a giant step in the right direction. (Pun Intended.)

Here's a commercial of Barbie's Fashionista line.