So when I go gambling, I never do black Jack, Poker or Roulette.  Nope, I have my one favorite and it's a slot machine. More specifically, the Wheel of Fortune slot machine.  So imagine my excitement and craving to go gamble after seeing the Excalibur Hotel post on Twitter Tuesday that someone won almost $6 million dollars, ON THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE slots!

$5,482,229 to exact, which is amazing.  I really hope it was on a spin of the wheel as well.  That's why I love this particular slot machine game, you can land on SPIN and then you spin the Wheel of Fortune Wheel and win MORE! Just talking about it is now making me want to head to the casino this weekend and try my luck.. cause you know, that's how it works, one person wins, that means ALL slots are hot, LOL


Not a lot more info was given on the winner, but who cares, someone won a BUNCH of money on my favorite slot machine, it's time for casino trip.

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