I hate it when people talk on the phone in Movies or next to you at a Channel 95-7 concert. Well finally we have a way to shut them all up... or temproarily. At long last, a device has been created that shoots an endless stream of talk just by aiming and pulling a trigger. The Speech Jammer works like a futuristic ray gun almost. Man, I wish I could find video on this.

A distance sensor and powerful microphone record the chatty persons voice, while a directional speaker beams it back with a .2 second delay. Psychologically, this will be so confusing, the person is temporarily speechless. Japanese inventor Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada are reportedly working on a smaller, more focused version. The current prototype is effective at silencing talkers up to 98 feet away.

Cool, now do they make an App for that?