Since we've been stuck at home in quarantine, Steve and his daughter have been trying to get outside to walk, bike, and play as much as they can. But, Charlotte has been starting to get a little bit bored doing the same thing everyday.

So, after Charlotte got her $600 stimulus check, they decided that we should spend some of it on something that can entertain her. That's when they decided that a playhouse for the backyard would be the perfect gift! Steve and his wife went on Amazon and found a super cute wooden playhouse and quickly ordered it.

Well, guess what came today? The playhouse! They kept it hidden from Charlotte and when she went down for her nap, they broke it out and got to building. Little did Steve know how intense of a build it was going to be though. Did Steve finish before Charlotte got up from her nap, or did she see it before it was done and got the surprise ruined? Find out now!

If you like the playhouse that Steve built, you can get it on Amazon here.