So much for that secret, big mouth! What he found was pretty cool though.

Epoch Inspired tells the story of a student at an unknown college who was exploring his dorm room, only to find a secret hidden the wall.

After finding a loose panel on the wall, the student unscrewed it and found a bag inside the wall with a note.

What did it say?

“Welcome to the best dorm room in [scratched out] Hall! If you’re reading this you found out this compartment exists. Congratulations! Inside is a lighter, an awesome Spongebob pen, a condom, and two spare keys to the room. THESE ARE A SECRET!!! Use these in case you lose your key (that costs mad money!). Make the best of your freshman year!”

In true human spirit of keeping a secret, the student shared the note on Reddit, and now EVERYONE knows the secret. Still pretty cool though, we love "secret" messages!

You can see the note here.