You would think when one gets a DUI that they are stuck bumming rides from people or have to resort to walking or riding a bike. That turns out not to be the case for one Texas State student.

Tara Monroe refused to take a breathalyzer test while leaving a rap concert so she was given a DWI, stripped of her car by her father and given a bike. Monroe states that riding a bike around campus "sucks, like really sucks."  So she took to craigslist and decided to get herself a battery powered Barbie Jeep for only $60 bucks and named her Barbie Jeep Charlene after the girl she bought it from.

She has soon become well known around campus as she cruises in her 12-volt battery Jeep that goes up to a whopping 5 mph and has quickly become the star of many Snapchats and pictures posted to social media.

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