A survey from Mashable might make you rethink borrowing someone else's phone.

The survey asked people if they use their phones on the toilet, and survey says...100% of people admit to it!

Well, it's not really that much of a surprise, but do you ever think of that when you borrow someone else's phone? It's almost like taking their unwashed hand and rubbing it on your face. Ew!

50% of us take calls, some even admit to conference calls on the toilet. 42% text, 22% send e-mails, 4% take selfies (okay this is wrong), 1% Facetime. WTH?

I'll admit, I do use my phone on the throne, but I won't talk on it. Maybe a text, a Facebook like, a game of Angry Birds or even a swipe on Tinder, but no selfies EVER!